Also see - Philippians , 1 Thessalonians

This incredible book written by the Apostle Paul in A.D. 56, contains 13 chapters of exhortation to the church in Corinth. After Paul's visit to Corinth, Timothy informed Paul of the opposition that had formed against him from the Corinthians. Paul then wrote first Corinthians to the church to discipline the leader of the opposition and had Titus deliver it. Paul then went to Troas to preach the gospel. After preaching, he was concerned about how the Corinthians responded to the letter so he went to Macedonia to find out what had happened from Titus. Titus reported that the majority of the Corinthians had repented of their rebelliousness against his apostolic authority. He then wrote this epistle in Macedonia (probably the section called Philippi) due to his concern and love for the Corinthian church. He gave them further instructions regarding the repentant offender and about giving for the poor saints in Jerusalem. His underlying tone of the whole letter though was a defense of his ministry from the ones that still were attacking him. He proved in this letter that his ministry was legit and he reasserted his authority as an apostle of Christ. This letter was possibly the most difficult for him to pen and was the most autobiographical of all his letters. In his defense, he wrote about the trials and tribulations he had to suffer as an apostle. Doctrinal truths are weaved throughout this book of Corinthians and the essence of Christian faith is made known by Paul and the difficult life he endured.

History of the Book of Second Corinthians


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